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00:18:27title= Rumba`s - Amigos Para Siempre.mid
00:17:36title= Feuneuleu Prod - Romeo And Juliet Dire Straits..mid
00:17:26title= The Hot Dogs - Ja So San`s Die Oiden Rittersleut`.mid
00:17:18title= Lake & Palmer Emerson - Romeo And Juliet.mid
00:17:12title= Rush - MARATHON.mid
00:17:09title= Poetry `N` Motion - Romeo And Juliet.mid
00:16:37title= Soundtrack - Romeo And Juliet.mid
00:16:12title= The Kelly Family - An Angel 2.mid
00:16:09title= Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet.mid
00:15:35title= Fox Virgil - Theme From `Romeo And Juliet`.mid
00:15:01United_States Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town.mid
00:14:58title= Tom Astor - Junger Adler.mid
00:14:40Germany Celine Dion - TITANIC.mid
00:14:15title= Whamm - Careless Whisper.mid
00:14:12title= Kaoma - Lambada 1.mid
00:13:27title= Celine Dion - TITANIC.mid
00:13:21title= George Michael - Careless Whisper 3.mid
00:13:14title= The Cats - One Way Wind.mid
00:12:29United_States Modest Petrovich Moussorgsky - A Night On The Bare Mountain.mid
00:12:20title= George Michael - Careless Whisper 2.mid