Nick MacKenzie - JUANITA.mid

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00:47:06Canada Coldplay - Viva La Vida.mid
00:45:54title= Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman.mid
00:44:44title= Michael Jackson - We are the world.mid
00:44:30title= Julio Iglesias - Manuela.mid
00:43:47title= Julio Iglesias - Amor amor.mid
00:42:19title= Simon & Garfunkel - Bright Eyes.mid
00:40:56Japan Huey & The News Lewis - If This Is It.mid
00:40:15Bangladesh Bad English - Day After Day.mid
00:38:39Greece Sam Brown - Stop.mid
00:33:54Australia Grover Washington Jr - Just the two uf us.mid
00:32:43Papua_New_Guinea Michael Jackson - We are the world.mid
00:30:11title= Electric Light Orchestra - Sweet Talking Woman.mid
00:29:54title= Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman.mid
00:29:13title= Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Bluesky.mid
00:28:11title= ELO - Mr Blue Sky.mid
00:26:49title= Lobo - I`d Love You To Want Me.mid
00:19:23United_States Pearl Jam - Yellow leadbetter.mid
00:18:27United_States Pearl Jam - Garden.mid
00:18:04United_States Pearl Jam - Porch.mid
00:17:31United_States Pearl Jam - Release.mid

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