Beatles - Yer blues.mid

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13:35:59title= Rick Astley - Hold Me In Your Arms.mid
13:34:53Belgium Emmylou Harris - C`est La Vie 1.mid
13:32:37title= TheCyrkle - Red Rubber Ball.mid
13:32:31title= Seekers - Red Rubber Ball 2.mid
13:32:25title= Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball.mid
13:32:19title= Seekers - Red Rubber Ball.mid
13:31:03title= Scott Joplin - Searchlight Rag.mid
13:30:57title= Scott Joplin - Pine Apple Rag.mid
13:30:51title= Scott Joplin - SOLACE.mid
13:30:45title= Scott Joplin - The Favorite.mid
13:30:39title= Scott Joplin - The Ragtime Dance.mid
13:30:32title= Scott Joplin - Honky Tonk Piano.mid
13:29:06title= Glen Campbell - Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife.mid
13:28:56Slovakia Howard Carpendale - Hey Versuch`s Noch Mal Mit Dir.mid
13:27:51title= Glen Campbell - Something About You Baby I like.mid
13:26:35title= CLASSICAL Botsford - Black And White Rag.mid
13:26:13title= Scott Joplin - Sunflower Slow Rag.mid
13:25:12title= Scott Joplin - Sunflower Slow Rag.mid
13:24:19title= Mary Poppins - I Love To Laugh.mid
13:24:12title= Mary Poppins - Feed The Birds.mid

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