Die Prinzen - Mein Fahrad.mid

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08:16:33title= In grid - In grid In Tango.mid
08:16:20Germany Phil Collins - You Can`t Hurry Love.mid
08:13:25title= Mike M - Soul Deep.mid
08:11:57title= In grid - In grid In Tango.mid
08:11:33Czech_Republic Alvin Stardust - PRETEND.mid
08:11:16Brazil Bread - If 1.mid
08:11:14title= Cheap Trick - Surrender.mid
08:10:29France Eddy Mitchell - Sur la route de Memphis 2.mid
08:09:47Germany The Cats - One Way Wind.mid
08:09:32title= Alvin Stardust - PRETEND.mid
08:07:30Brazil Bread - Everything I Own 1.mid
08:05:43Belgium Alvin Stardust - PRETEND.mid
07:59:04title= Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad.mid
07:56:32Russian_Federation In grid - In grid Tu Es Fotu.mid
07:56:20Russian_Federation In grid - In grid In Tango.mid
07:52:24title= Billy & His Orchestra Vaughn - Theme From `The Summer Of `42`.mid
07:49:35Mexico Kaoma - Lambada 1.mid
07:48:37Belgium Vee - Devil or Angel.mid
07:47:15Russian_Federation Gladiator - Now we are free craig garner.mid
07:35:21Germany Patrick Swayze - She`s Like The Wind 1.mid

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